Meet The Founder
I want you to feel like family.




What do I love about being in my 50s?  It’s like the Goldilocks Decade for wisdom. I’m calmer, smarter and wiser. 


I am a Type A personality.  I like structure, honesty, organization and giving back. My clients are family. Training is giving you the mindset and your dog  the lifestyle needed to thrive.


This requires me to be more available for you.  Maybe it’s early AM, or later PM, or a Sunday night.  I want to  be THAT support system for you. 


I’m not perfect.  My dogs are not perfect.  What I am good at is reading dogs, pairing dogs for good social skills, and life  coaching you.  My specialty is helping you create a NEUTRAL dog.   A dog with a well functioning nervous system.


This is UNIVERSAL to all training beliefs and models. There isn’t a one size fits all.  There isn’t a RIGHT or WRONG. It’s your dog and your life.  I want to help enhance it.  


I added a tribute to my first husky, Sheena.  She taught me more than I could ever teach her.   


Let’s get to know each other.  I’m here to help whether you sign up or not.  At my stage of life, I want to GIVE back more than I take.  


Jeannie Oakley 

My Tribute To Sheena

Sometimes a dog comes along that you label your “Soul Dog”. One that enters your life and awakens you to a new understanding of true connection. Sheena wore many hats, beginning with my companion. She soon became my partner, a true canine evaluator and truth teller; able to feel the dog from the inside out. She taught me to look beyond training textbooks. She was a master at helping anxious dogs and a master at working with reactive dogs. We worked together helping dogs with simplicity, nature, and the thrill of the hunt.


Because of her, I saw dogs through her eyes. I began to see the dogs as the TEACHER. I learned from them. She was my rock through many personal battles.


Until the last battle, the one she could not win.


I was then her rock, her caregiver, her advocate, and her soul, until her body was tired. On that day, I held her paw, thanked her for the lessons she taught me and her unconditional love. I whispered to her that she earned her stripes & wings and I’d be okay. She then closed her eyes for last time. Always in my heart, my sweet girl.

Sheena 1/6/06 to 4/1/2018.