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Welcome to Paw It Forward Dog Training, LLC. Your dogs are important to us! . Our unique Pure Synergy training programs
cover all aspects of training and relationship building including temperament testing using our unique Spectrum of Behavior©, Pack
Preparatory Programs, Strong Core Group Classes and Educational Workshops. Our Siberian huskies help is all aspects of
training and shine in our Pack Rehabilitation programs.  The Pure Synergy training model works for all types of dogs including puppies,
adolescents, seniors and reactive dogs.

We promise never to make training a "quick fix".
We promise not to change "your dog's" behavior.  You'll be changing yours.
We promise to keep training positive by teaching your dog what you want them to do, not what you don't want them to do.
We promise never to suppress your dog's natural behaviors. We promise to teach you what they are communicating.
We promise to teach you how to better manage unwanted behaviors by not giving them reinforcement for it.
We promise not to ever use the word "Pack Leader".  We promise to use words like "Partnership".
We promise to teach you how to use food as a motivator for a state of mind, not a treat for a behavior.

To have a good relationship with your dog:

Allow your dog to make physical contact with you.
Take time to learn how your dog thinks and how to read and understand energy and canine body language.
 Learn to make yourself the most attractive thing to your dog so your dog learns to give all their energy to you.
4.  Teach "calm". In a society of over stimulation your dog needs to be taught how to self calm.
Manage problem behaviors instead of discipline after the dog has done them. Learn how to channel all that energy into you.
6.  Teach your dog good
to be content and comfortable in their environment.  Build good coping skillls.

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